1st Battalion

The Argyll and Sutherland




Regimental Sergeant Majors


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Succession List of Regimental Sergeant-Majors

                                                                WO1 (RSM) W. McGuigan                                                                              15 January 1944 to 9 January 1945

                                                                WO1 (RSM) J. Stewart                                                                                     9 January 1945 to 5 August 1945

                                                                WO1 (RSM) P. McPhillips, D.C.M.                                                                 5 August 1945 to 2 September 1948

                                                                WO1 (RSM) S. J. Morrison, M.B.E., M.M.                                                   2 September 1948 to 14 March 1950

                                                                WO1 (RSM) R. T. Boyde, M.B.E., D.C.M.                                                    3 June 1950 to 21 August 1954

                                                                WO1 (RSM) T. J. Collett, M.M.                                                                     22 August 1954 to June 1957

                                                                WO1 (RSM) J. Masterton                                                                               July 1957 to March 1960

                                                                WO1 (RSM) G. Coleman                                                                                  April 1960 to September 1961

                                                                WO1 (RSM) W. J. Tullet.                                                                                 September 1961 to March 1963

                                                                WO1 (RSM) R. B. Harris                                                                                 March 1963 to September 1965

                                                                WO1 (RSM) W. McKerron                                                                              October 1965 to March 1968

                                                                WO1 (RSM) D. S. Street                                                                                  March 1968 to September 1969

                                                                WO1 (RSM) W. J. Wilson                                                                                 September 1969 to March 1971

Balaklava Company

                                                                WO2 (CSM) B McGurk                                                                                    January 1971 to January 1972


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                                     McPhillips               Morrison                 Boyde                    Collett                Masterton                              



         Coleman               Tullet              Harris                 McKerron               Street             Wilson            






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