1st Battalion

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders




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The pictures on this page are scans from the three Thin Red Line magazines for 1971, each battalion's notes are in order.


1 ROYAL SCOTS - 1971

Stationed at Assaye Bks, Tidworth in the ACE MF(L) role. 25 May-28 July Northern Ireland Tour - Drumahoe. Sept on exercise in Greece. 17 Oct-29 Dec Northern Ireland Tour - Belfast (Ligoniel).


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1 Royal Highland Fusiliers - 1971

Stationed at Kiwi Barracks, Bulford under 5 Brigade. 16 Feb moved to Northern Ireland - Belfast . 17 June returned to Kiwi Barracks, Bulford. Sept moved to Meerut Bks, Singapore - 28 ANZUK Bde.



1 Kings Own Scottish Borderers - 1971

Stationed at Belfast Bks, Osnabruck under 12th Mechanised Bde. April moved to Redford Bks, Edinburgh. 9 - 13 July Northern Ireland Tour - Belfast (12 July Marches). July provided Ballater Guard and Edinburgh Tattoo Coy. 28 Dec moved to Northern Ireland - Belfast (Springfield).


  1 BLACK WATCH - 1971

Stationed at Ritchie Camp, Kirknewton. 9 Feb - 25 June Northern Ireland Tour - Rural Tour Border Area.  7 Oct - 22 Nov Northern Ireland Tour - East Belfast. Jan 1972 moved to Hong Kong.





1st Gordons took up residence in Fort George on Tuesday, 16th February. May moved to Cyprus for a 6 month UN tour. September returned to Fort George.



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