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The Queen arrived on the morning of 11th August 1963 at the gates of Balmoral where the Guard of Honour was formed up. The Pipes and Drums played the guard to Crathie Church immediately after the parade.


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Her Majesty the Queen's Guard, 1963;


Officer Commanding Major K.J.F. Maclean.


Captain of the Guard Captain A.F. Bell.


CSM WOII H. Young.


CQMS C/Sgt. H. Docherty.


Pay Clerk Cpl Smith. RAPC.


Coy Clerk L/Cpl Green.


No 1 Pln Lt Dewar-Durie, Sgt Wilson, Cpl Gordon, Cpl Robinson, Cpl Fraser, Cpl McMillan 74, Cpl Gallagher, L/Cpl Tonner, L/Cpl McQuaid, L Cpl Crawford, Pte Cooke, Pte McMillan 51, Pte Lithgow, Pte Reap, Pte Marshall 15, Pte McNeil, Pte Hay, Pte Binnie 09, Pte Church, Pte Miller, Pte Donnelly, Pte Ballantyne, Pte Grant 82, Pte Doig, Pte Sinclair 09, Pte McGillivray, Pte Gilchrist, Pte Campbell 78, Pte Thomson 75, Pte Woods, Pte Binnie 84.


No 2 Pln Lt Monro, Sgt Baty, Cpl McLean, Cpl Ogilvie. Cpl Saunders, L Cpl Grant. L Cpl McAinsh, Pte Bell, Pte Bisset, Pte Cordiner, Pte Duncan, Pte Shaw, Pte Connolly, Pte Waugh, Pte Henderson, Pte Kennedy, Pte Spence, Pte Lyons, Pte McLean, Pte Morgan, Pte Ramsay 89, Pte Ramsay 92, Pte Scott 07, Pte Thomson 87, Pte Nisbet, Pte Wallace, Pte Caldwell, Pte Cathcart, Pte Penman 06, Pte Robertson 36.


No 3 Pln Lt Fraser-MacKenzie, Sgt McIlroy, Cpl Roy, Cpl Harvey, Cpl Watson, Cpl Simmons, L/Cpl Lipton, L/Cpl Denkaat, L/Cpl Alexander, Pte Cashley, Pte Donegan, Pte McKechnie, Pte McMillan 82, Pte White 63, Pte McDonald, Pte Martin, Pte Lindsay, Pte Thomson 06, Pte Collins, Pte Forres, Pte Allan, Pte McColl, Pte Scott 84, Pte Neill, Pte McLauchlan, Pte Gaughan, Pte Begbie, Pte Holmes, Pte Spiers.


Admin Pln


Cookhouse Sgt Raby, Cpl Kerrigan, L/Cpl Ritchie, Pte Nairn, Pte Campbell 87, Pte Jardine. Pte Robertson. 17.


MT Section Cpl McKechnie Pte McCallum, Pte Strachan, Pte Whyte 57, Pte Pearson, Pte Harvey, Pte Collington, Pte McCoy, L/Cpl MacFarlane REME.


Regtl Police Cpl McMillan 73, Pte Cameron, Pte Crabb, Pte Donaghy, Pte Stevenson, Pte Black, Pte Gray.


Sanitation Pte Penman 52, Pte Marshall 43.


Officers Mess L Cpl Shields, Pte McTaggart, Pte Humble.


Storemen Pte Winton, Pte McAuley.


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Source -  Thin Red Line Magazines


Edinburgh 1962 1964


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