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The Argyll and Sutherland



 Short History

 1955 to 1964


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Pinefield Camp, Elgin. 6th Jan battalion returned from 2 months leave. 20th Jan advance party left Elgin for Berlin to begin taking over Montgomery Barracks from 1 Grenadier Guards. 5th Feb old colours laid up at Stirling Castle. 19th Feb B Coy was the last Company to march out of Pinefield Camp. The move from Elgin to Berlin was by train to Harwich, then sailed on the Empire Wansbeck to the Hook of Holland. The rest of the journey was by troop train, first to Hanover then changed trains to complete the journey to Spandau.  22 Feb battalion main body arrived in Berlin. March bn on stand-by duties. 22 April Farewell Parade for GOC leaving Berlin. 24 April Brigadier FW Sanders carried out his the annual administrative inspection of the Bn. May battalion carried out Spandau Prison Guard. 9 June Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Parade, Olympic Stadium, Berlin; on parade were 1 A and SH, 1 Cheshire, 1 Manchester’s and 1 (LAA) Wing RAF Regt. 10-13 June Regimental Weekend; 10-11 Bn Highland Games. 15-30 June Mortar Pln were field firing at Putlos. 15-23 July Colonel of the Regt General Macmillan and wife visited the battalion in Berlin. Aug Rifle Companies were in Sennelager for field firing, at the end of the training period they marched from Sennelager to Hameln before entraining for Berlin. Sept battalion held two Bn exercises each of two days. Oct battalion carried out 14 days training at Sennelager, stayed at Polish Barracks. 25 Oct Major Ian Scheurmier was killed in an accident at Sennelager Ranges. Battalion took part in a Brigade 3 day exercise (Minor Sea ll.) in Berlin. 



Montgomery Barracks, Berlin. Jan battalion carried out Spandau Prison Guard for 10 days. 2 Feb General Sir Richard Gale visited the Bn. 10 Feb Sgts Mess held a ball to celebrate the raising of the Regt. 8 March Annual Administrative inspection. 25 April battalion got beaten 3-2 after extra-time by 2 Training Regt, Royal Signals in the final of the Army Cup. 31 May Queen’s Birthday Parade Berlin - Colour of 1 Cheshire was trooped, battalion and 1 Black Watch were also on parade. 1-2 June battalion Highland Games. 27th June Brigade Sports Meeting Berlin - 1 Cheshire were 1st, 1 Black Watch were 2nd and battalion were 3rd. 17 July Advance party of 1 Royal Welsh Fusiliers arrive in Berlin. 20 July advance party left Berlin for Bury St Edmunds. 22 July Advance party established at Bury St Edmunds under Maj. Gray. Suez Crisis begins. 7 Aug battalion complete in Bury St Edmunds (5 days earlier than planned) took over Blenheim Camp from 1 King’s Regt;  battalion was brought up to war strength by the inclusion of some 200 reservists and would be at six days notice to move to the middle East. 2 November battalion left Bury St Edmunds for Southampton and sailed on “HMT Dilwara” via Gibraltar, Malta and Limassol for Suez.  5 November Operation Muskateer begins in Canal Zone. 10 November The Troopships “New Australia”, “Empire Fowey” and “Asturias” arrived off the coast of Egypt carrying the leading elements of General Churcher’s 3rd Division, comprising 19 and 29 Infantry brigades and 1 RTR (did not disembark). 14 November battalion land at Suez and established itself in a damaged block of flats on the west of the town. 15 November battalion dispersed, C and D Companies to protect the airfield, A Company took over patrolling Shanty Town, B Company took over customs duties on the Manzala Canal and the fishing village of El Qubuti. 1Dec Port Said Garrison consisted of: 19 Inf Brig:- 1 Royal Scots, 1 West Yorkshires and 1 A and SH. 29 Inf Brig:- 1 Royal Fusiliers and 1 Royal West Kents. Rearguard for Allied withdrawal from Suez, was 19 Infantry Brigade and a Sqn of 6 RTR. 22nd battalion left Port Said (almost the last troops to leave) and sailed on HMT Asturias for Southampton via Cyprus and Malta. 31Dec arrived in Southampton and moved back to Bury St Edmunds, battalion had pay parade at midnight in Blenheim Camp and then went on leave.  


Blenheim Camp, Bury St Edmunds. 11-12 Feb battalion celebrated raising of the Regt; 11th - Officers Mess Guest Night. 12th - Parade held in Blenheim Camp, Gen. MacMillan  took the salute, after the parade the Bn marched to St Mary’s Church, Bury St Edmunds. 28 Feb Lt Col B A Pearson DSO handed over command of the battalion to Lt-Col C P Anderson. 9-11April Inter-platoon Patrol Competition. 18 May Drill Competition, champion company Competition; HQ Coy 1 were 1st. 21May Divisional Commander Maj-Gen Lennox visited the Bn. 29 May Bn moved to Stanford training area. June battalion spent whole month training at Stanford. 16-21 June Brigade Exercise. June WO1 (RSM) J Masterton took over as RSM from WO1 (RSM) T J Collett MM. July battalion ran a cadet camp for 4,000 cadets at Stanford Training Area. 7 Aug battalion finished running cadet camp. 7-21Aug battalion on 2 weeks leave. End of Aug battalion spent a short time at Stanford Training area to prepare for the divisional exercise. 4-23 Sept Military Band and Pipes and Drums visited Finland. 26 Sept battalion moved from Bury St Edmunds to Aldershot. 27 Sept moved from Aldershot to Salisbury Plain and were billeted in Lucknow Barracks. Oct Divisional Exercise Salisbury Plain. 25 Oct Balaklava  Day , parade taken by Brigadier Graham. 31 Oct Annual admin inspection by Maj-Gen Gordon-Ingram. 15 November battalion celebrated Lucknow Day.


Blenheim Camp, Bury St Edmunds. 21 Jan Bn moved from Bury St Edmunds to Cyprus on HMT Devonshire, stopped at Algiers on route where Cruachan had a haircut. 1 Feb Bn disembarked at Limassol, Bn was split up with C and D Coys going to Polemi Camp and the rest of the Bn going to Limni Camp near Polis. Both camps were in bad condition and consisted of tented accommodation, with huts for messes and cookhouses. The Band of the Middlesex Regiment played the Bn ashore. 6 Feb The Governor of Cyprus, Sir Hugh Foot and Lady Foot visited battalion. 10 Feb Maj-Gen Kendrew, Director of Ops visited the Bn. 25th March Lt-Gen. Sir Roger H Bowen visited battalion at both camps. 31March -25 Apr Ex “Village Green”, this ex took all companies out into the Bn area where they carried out patrols, ambushes and where necessary cordon and searches. 15 -3 July “Operation Kingfisher” a cordon and search operation in the southern foothills of the Troodos  Mtns  6 miles north of Limassol, battalion, 40 Commando and 1 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry took part. 21-5Aug The neighbours of battalion, 46 HAA Regiment RA were relieved by 1st Bn DLI and battalion took responsibility for both areas during this period. 2 Sept Forest fire above Yialia, 350-400 men from battalion were sent to help fight it, the fire was brought under control after 36 hrs. 11 Sept Lt Gen. Sir Roger Bower KBE,MC GOC MELF visited the battalion at Limni Camp. 13 Sept Vehicle ambush, Pte Morrison  ‘C’ Coy was seriously wounded and later died, 1 Greek Cypriot was shot dead by L/Cpl. Fair. 14 Sept one Greek Cypriot was shot dead when he failed to halt at a road block. 15 Sept Pte Morrison was buried at Nicosia. 16 Sept Maj. Gen. Kendrew, Dir. of Ops visited battalion. 23 Sept Barbara Castle visited the area. 24 Sept “A” Coy battalion moved to Tobruck. 25 Sept  Maj. Gen. Kendrew paid a farewell visit to battalion. 26 Sept “Limni Follies” a battalion concert party, organised by Lt. Smith was seen. 29 Sept battalion NCO Cadre started. 30 Sept HMS Alamein paid battalion a final 2 day visit. 2 Oct “B” Coy battalion were called out to assist the DLI in a cordon and search operation in Mesoyi. 12 Oct battalion CSE Show. 18 Oct battalion football team ambushed, no casualties. 23 Oct Maj. Gen. Darling visited the battalion. Maj. Howat battalion ambushed at Psathi. 25 Oct battalion Balaklava Day - Sports followed by Limni Follies ll. 27 Oct Maj. Wood battalion ambushed near Yiolou. 30 Oct Operation “Goldfish” began. 11 November A Coy. battalion provided Guard of Honour and did a riot demo for King Idris of Libya. 23 November battalion advance party moved to Alexander Bks, Dhekelia. Dec A Coy. battalion rejoined the Bn.  2-6 Dec battalion moved to Alexander Bks, Dhekelia, A Coy. took over guard duties at Pyla detention camp, C Coy. took over town duties. 20 Dec Xmas visit to battalion of Maj. Gen. Darling. 24 Dec battalion took over all duties in Larnaca during Xmas period.  


Alexander Bks, Dhekelia, Cyprus. 7 Jan Visit by Christopher Soames and Gen. Sir Hugh Stockwell to battalion. 12 Jan Pte. Hickenson accidentally shot dead on patrol. 15 Jan Pte Hickenson buried. 1Feb battalion took over the whole of Larnaca district, less the town. B Coy moved to Kophnou. 10 Feb battalion raising the Regt celebrations. 17-24 Feb Gen. Freddie Graham visited battalion in Cyprus. 25 Feb Gen. Darling addressed battalion and thanked them for their hard work during the emergency. 18 March The Quartermaster-General visited battalion. Summer C Coy was disbanded and S or Sp. Coy formed. Aug most of D Coy battalion went off to enjoy a well deserved holiday at the Golden Sands leave camp at Famagusta. 1st issue of green covered TRL. 28 Sept Lt.Col. C P Anderson handed over command of battalion to Lt.Col. H S Spens. 6 Oct at 0500 hrs battalion left Alexander Bks, Dhekelia after handing over to 1 BW and moved to the Ulster Rifles camp at Famagusta, during the afternoon boarded HMT Dilwara which sailed from Famagusta via Malta and Gibraltar for Southampton. disembarked and went home on leave. 20 Oct advance party arrived in Lemgo and began taking over Stornaway  Bks from 1 Royal Hampshire’s. 10 November main body began arriving in Lemgo to join 20th Armoured Brigade along with 9th Lancers and 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, A Sqn 14/20 Hussars drove the Bn’s Saracen APCs. 26 November 1 Cameronians played battalion in the 3rd round of the Army Cup and got beat 4 - 5. 1 Dec last leave party arrived in Lemgo.


 Stornoway Bks, Lemgo - 20 Armd Bde. Feb bn on 3 weeks training at Sennelager. March WO1 (RSM) G Coleman took over as RSM from WO1 (RSM) J Masterton. 26 March battalion left Lemgo to travel by road to Borg Leopold (Belgian Army training area in Belgium), stopped overnight at Haltern and arrived in Belgium on the 27th. 2 April battalion returned to Lemgo. 20 April battalion Rifle meeting. 23-27 May Col of the Regt visited battalion. 25 May battalion Highland Games. 21-22 June 20th Armoured Brigade Sports Meeting in Detmold. 16-19 Aug battalion Exercise. 31Aug battalion Swimming Competition. 3 Sept battalion Route March Competition. Early Oc Ex “Iron Hand”. 25 Oct battalion Balaklava Day. Farewell parade for A Sqn 14/20 Hussars (drove battalion APCs) they were relieved by A Sqn 4 RTR. 26 November 1 Cameronians played battalion in the 3rd round of the Army Cup and got beat 4 - 5. 13 Dec battalion Annual Admin. Inspection. 16 Dec battalion McEwan Cup - D Coy winners. 23 Dec battalion gave a party for the orphans of a convent in Lemgo. 24 Dec battalion children’s Xmas party.  


Stornoway Bks, Lemgo - 20 Armd Bde. Jan battalion did training by platoons at Girkhausen. 7 Feb all Scottish Bns began wearing the Highland or Lowland Brigade Cap badges. 24 March Director of Infantry Maj. Gen. Darling visited the battalion. April battalion training at Sennelager for 3 weeks. 15-16 May battalion Shooting Competition. 16 May -3 June Pipes and Drums and Regt Band were in Moscow.  5-8 June Col of the Regt Maj. Gen. Freddie Graham visited the battalion. 26 July Maj. Gen. H Campbell the Paymaster in Chief visited battalion. 29 July SSAFA fete was run by battalion. Sept WO1 (RSM) W J  Tullet took over as RSM from WO1 (RSM) G Coleman. Dec Support Coy battalion was reformed. 2-11 Dec Pipes and Drums and Regt Band visited NATO HQ at Fontainbleau, Paris. 4 Dec Maj. Gen. Pearson GOC 1 Division visited battalion. 16 Dec McEwan Cup, D Coy 1st , B Coy 2nd.  


Stornoway Bks, Lemgo - 20 Armd Bde. 27 Feb Inter-Coy Drill Competition, won by D Coy. 16 March Annual admin. Inspection by Brig. P Hobart, Bn was graded as excellent. 2 March Lt Col H s Spens handed over as Co. to Lt Col C G Kelway-Bamber. 10 April B Coy take over Redford Bks. Early May Bn advance party moved to Redford Bks, Edinburgh. 14 May Pipes and Drums and Military Band battalion plus Pipes and Drums and Military Band Royal Scots Dragoon Guards begin a tour of Sweden. 4-8 June battalion handed over to 5th Royal Northumberland Fusiliers at Lemgo and flew from Gutersloh to Gatwick, Bn then went on leave before moving into Redford Bks. 5 June Pipes and Drums and Military Band finish tour of Sweden and fly to Edinburgh. 20 June Bn return from leave. 30 June A Coy provide Guard of Honour for the arrival of the Queen at Princess St Station. 27July -20 Oct 1 A and  SH provide Royal Guard at Balmoral (Composite Coy). Aug/Sept D Coy supply Edinburgh Tattoo Admin. Coy. 12 Sept -4 Dec Pipes and Drums and Military Band begin a tour of America. 16-18 Oct State visit of King Olaf of Norway. 9-23 November Bn training at Stanford Training Area. 4 Dec Band tour of America ends.  


 Redford Bks, Edinburgh. 1 March Final of Army Boxing Championships at Munster, 15/19 Hussars beat battalion. March WO1 (RSM) R B Harris took over as RSM from WO1 (RSM) W J  Tullet.  31March -10 April Bn training at Bellerby. 29 April McEwan Cup. 1 May battalion Highland Games. 31May Ex Commanding Officers Dinner at Redford. 14 June battalion provided Guard of Honour for the visit of the President of India to Edinburgh. 18 June Maj-Gen. Sir Hamish Campbell the Paymaster in Chief visited the battalion. 5-8 June British Paraplegic Games were held at Redford Bks Sports Field. 10-27 July Ex “Eifel Tower”, enemy for Sandhurst cadets, 6 officers and 100 men went to BAOR under Maj. Boswell. 12 July battalion received freedom of Oban. 10 Aug Royal Guard formed, OC Maj. KFJ McLean, CSM H Young. 21 Sept battalion received freedom of Dumbarton. 14 Oct Royal Guard ended. Oct battalion training for operations in Borneo.  


Redford Bks, Edinburgh. 5 Jan battalion Pre-Advance Party flew to Singapore. 11 Jan 20 Officers & NCO’s flew to Malaya to attend a course at the Jungle Warfare School. 19 Jan 105 all ranks flew to Singapore as battalion advance party. 15 Feb battalion moved from Edinburgh to Selerang Bks, Singapore took over from 1 Queens Own Highlanders. 2-14 March battalion training at Nee Soon Ranges and Palau Tekong Island. 27 March Special Memorial Service was held at the Presbyterian Church, Singapore to commemorate the Memorial Plaque to the 93rd Highlanders. 31 March - 6 April battalion carried out jungle training at Asahan in Malacca Strait. 8 April battalion Royal Sigs det and advance stores party sailed for Borneo aboard LST Reginald Kerr. 20 April A Coy disembarked from HMT Auby at Miri. 23 April Bn’s 1st tour of Borneo began , took over from 1 KOYLI and assumed command  of 4th  division Sarawak, joined 51st Gurkha Bde. July Lt Col M R Wallace took over as CO from Lt Col C G Kelway Bamber. 2-3 Aug Clash with Indonesians at Pa Lungan, 6 Indonesians were killed and a large quantity of equipment was captured. A Coy were at Bario. Mid Sept battalion finished 1st tour of Borneo, handed over to 2/6 Gurkha Rifles. 16 Sept Pipes and Drums and Military Band begin a tour of Australia. 16 Oct Bands finish tour of Australia. 8 November Memorial Service at Krangi War Cemetery, Singapore. 15 November Military Band + Pipe Major, 5 pipers and 2 drummers start a week long tour of Laos.



1965 to 1971


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